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Richard & Miranda — Minted




Richard and Miranda

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Our Story

Long before they met, God set their destinies in motion. Their respective brothers' cross-country moves to the vibrant city of Orlando unknowingly paved the way for their future connection. Miranda became a frequent Orlando visitor, while for Richard the door opened to continue his medical training in critical care.

Richard and Miranda met the modern way on a Christian dating app! Captivated by Miranda’s beauty, love for God, and devotion to family, Richard summoned the courage to make the first move. To his delight, he discovered that Miranda had thoughtfully prepared "four essential questions," and with some engaging conversation he began to quickly see the radiant gem she is. But when it came to the first date Miranda would make the first move!

A night time stroll around an enchanting holiday themed Crane's Roost Park with boba tea in hand would mark the beginning of their journey. Little did they know that this park would etch itself in their hearts, becoming a symbol of their love and the place where they would joyfully celebrate their engagement with their families!